NEWEST EPISODE: “Worlds Upon Worlds” (4/30/2019): Worlds15

*NOTICE! I have deleted the three most recent stories for major reworking as the story simply wasn’t working in the direction I was headed. These will return soon, with directional changes that will better serve the overall narrative.*

This is the story of Kate Hunter, freelance artist, online gamer, part-time barista. She’s an unassuming girl with a particular talent in art. One that goes beyond the pencil lines of her sketches, and reaches out into other worlds.

This is the story of Kate, and the worlds she connects with her art. Of Anissa Duvall, swashbuckling superheroine from a world where psychic powers are common and France is the world’s most advanced nation. Of Madison Holzner, vampire hunter from a world where the vampires won. Of Awiti Abate, jetpack-wearing pulp heroine from a world of high adventure where it’s still the 1930s. And of Anastacia Duvall, the woman who brought them together.

Brightly costumed superheroes. High-tech spies and globally threatening subversives. Magic-wielding cowboys, pyrokinetic flappers, interplanetary archaeologists, scorpion-worshiping ancient Egyptian vigilantes. These are the Worlds of Kate Hunter: