Anastacia’s Notations

(SPOILERS if you haven’t read the Kate Hunter stories yet)

The following are heavily truncated notes and observations made by Anastacia Duvall in the course of her studies of alternate realities discovered by Kate Hunter.

  • Earth-Hub- Kate’s world. For our purposes, this world defines “standard” in terms of culture, technology, and chronology.

Worlds Temporally Coterminous with Earth-Hub

  • Earth-DNA (Lea Renault)- Terrorist organization/cult The Twin Helix experiments on its members, creating genetic supersoldiers.
  • Earth-DS (Kate Hunter)- World where werecreatures are real and problematic, defending by various breeds of hunter and huntress, notably Kate Hunter, the Deerslayer
  • Earth-GR (Kenny Connor)- Earth is protected by giant mechs, notably the Spectra team, whose colored robots combine into the giant Spectra-Mech.
  • Earth-KP (Maddy Radical)- Somewhat high-tech world where an alternate version of Madison handles daring missions on a freelance basis.
  • Earth-MG (Daimon leFlore)- High-magic modern world
  • Earth-OR (Anastacia Duvall, Anissa Duvall/Crimson Lotus)- France is the most powerful and influential nation, covering much of what is the EU on Kate’s world. Technology is greater, and many of the aristocracy possess some level of psychic power.
  • Earth-SH (Robin Richards/Bluestreak)- Superhumans are remarkably common, and many of them choose to dress in colorful costumes to battle or commit crimes.
  • Earth-SPI (Morris Hunter)- A fairly standard world, although technology is somewhat advanced among the espionage community, and a number of subversive agencies and globally prominent “super-criminals” are at play.
  • Earth-SS (Anissa Duvall/Crimson Sentinel)- World hounded by giant monsters and extraterrestrial threats, defended by Sentinel Teams of attitude-having young people in color-coded spandex.
  • Earth-USM (Trish Brewer)- highly magical world where the United Serfdoms is governed by a strange mixture of modern Parliament and classic feudalism.
  • Earth-VA (Madison Holzner)- World in the last days of the vampire apocalypse, where humanity is nearing extinction
  • Earth-WN (Stefanie d’Orleans)- demon-infested world defended by orders of Catholic warrior monks and nuns.
  • Earth-YJ (Captain Ishmael “Icebreak” Abramson)- A colorfully clad military force stands between freedom and a thematically-garbed terrorist force.

Worlds Temporally Retrograde from Earth-Hub

  • Earth-n8PF (Awiti Abate)- Chronologically in the 1930s. Multiple hidden civilizations and diabolical scientists, twisted dictators and masked criminal leaders, along with heroic champions to combat them.
  • Earth-n9RT (Denorah Langley)- Prohibition-era world where magic is common, and humans share the world with elves, goblins and ogres.
  • Earth-n12VE (Penny Montgomery, Brigit Chase)- Victorian-era world where Penelope “Penny Dreadful” Montgomery investigates unnatural occurrences and shadowy figures.
  • Earth-n160MX (Orgrausch)- Ancient China rules much of Asia; elements of Chinese mythology are very real.
  • Earth-n435AE (Panya)- Ancient Egpyt in which Kededhotep has conquered, the few pockets of resistance including a small cult of scorpion-worshiping assassins.

Worlds Temporally Progressed from Earth-Hub

  • Earth-p6JC (Clay Rayburn): After a global devastation, Earth’s surviving population fled deep underground, where they were enslaved by a hidden civilization of insectoid creatures with a Roman-like culture.
  • Earth-p150SH (Skye Harper): Humanity has expanded to other planets, with the discovery of a long-extinct galactic civilization that had once spread across many worlds.

Worlds That Defy Chronological Progression

  • Earth-xxAW (Alice White): A very bizarre world with clockwork technologies and surreal societal norms.